Working at APV means being a part of a fast-paced, diverse, distributed work environment where collaboration, learning, innovation, and community are the hallmarks.

Life at APV

To give you an idea of what it’s like to work at APV, we’ve reached out to a few of our team members located around the country. Here’s what they had to say about being a part of the APV family.


Join the Team

What do you enjoy most about working at APV? 

"I appreciate that there are opportunities for growth along with the flexibility to do the work that you enjoy. Upper management engages with all levels of employees, and even as we are all working remotely, they still find ways to bring employees together to build relationships."

Melanie  D.

Describe a time when you were recognized and rewarded for a job well done at APV. 

"After hard work on a week-long video production trip, my efforts were recognized, and I was highlighted in the company newsletter."

Luba  G.

How has APV supported your professional growth and development?  

"When I started after college at APV, I was a video production assistant; I wasn't sure how I wanted to grow professionally. I have had great project managers who encouraged me to take classes and learn from others around me. Eventually, I figured it out and am now an Instructional Designer."

Taylor  S.

What has been your experience with teamwork and collaboration at APV? 

"Teamwork is an extremely important part of the APV experience. I feel grateful to be surrounded by professionals from a variety of disciplines who are incredibly generous with offering their knowledge, time, and expertise."

Brianna  P.

What advice would you give to prospective employees? 

"To take advantage of our peer coach program. The program is designed to help all new hires by receiving hands on coaching with a peer to learn about the company, its culture, and the projects the new employee is assigned to."

Elizabeth  J.

At APV, we not only attract a culturally diverse team of the best and the brightest but also actively seek out team members with different perspectives and approaches; we celebrate and reward employee initiative.


Core Values

apv core values


APV Benefits

  • ★   Competitive compensation
  • ★   Bonuses (performance and spot)
  • ★   Paid leave and holidays
  • ★   Savings and retirement plan - 401(k)
  • ★   Employee referral program
  • ★   Continuing education (and accreditation assistance)
  • ★   Upward career mobility
  • ★   Company paid life and AD&D insurance
  • ★   Company paid short-term disability insurance
  • ★   Voluntary life and AD&D
  • ★   Voluntary long-term disability
  • ★   Medical care coverage (with HSA compatible option)
  • ★   Dental and vision care coverage


Interview Process

Below you will find a general outline for what you can expect when applying for a position at APV.

apv interview process



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